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Art Locator for Melbourne Artist Emilie Heurteventart Art

WHO will locate art for your home.

If the artwork isn't available at our gallery or online from one of our artists,
WHO can assist with finding the desired artwork for your home. We can also assist if you have an artist in mind and want to locate their work.

Tell us what you are looking for— size, colour pallet, composition and frame choice and we will find it for you. WHO will take care of everything. Enjoy the experience of knowing your artwork and logistics are all taken care of.

Call us today on 03 8596 2250, or click below to book an appointment and receive free delivery of your artwork.

Art Locator Melbourne Artist Joan Blond

Visit our gallery

The first step to finding the desired artwork is to visit our gallery or our website. If you don't find what you are looking for, the size isn't correct, the colour pallet isn't right or if we don't stock a particular artist; our team will assist you in locating the artwork or having an artist commission one for you.

Locating the artwork

The team At WHO will assist you in the locating artwork from our artists. If we don't have a particular artwork, we can commission the artist and assist you with sizing, composition and colour pallet.


The team will take you through the process of commissioning a particular artist to create that masterpiece that you have been looking for, for your home. We will coordinate the entire process for you.

Time Poor?

Why spend hours driving in traffic looking for your perfect artwork? Just inform our team what you are looking for and we find it for you.

Delivery Included

Once the process is complete, our staff will organise a time and date to have the artwork delivered to your home.

Art Locator Find Your Favourite Melbourne Artist

For all enquires contact us today on 03 8596 2250, or fill out the form below

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