Clarky Road

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Acrylic On Linen 1of 1 62cm x 62cm Artwork Hand painted By Theresa J Poulsom Price Includes Oak frame Delivery also available.

Theresa J Poulsom

Originally from the UK I trained in printed and knitted textiles for my HND in Buckinghamshire and went onto a Bachelor of Hons in Fine Craft Design in Northern Ireland. I kept up my practice as an artist, but I have spent my working life as a textile, jewellery, and rug designer. I found this experience heightened my ability to look at shape, form, space, colour and texture and this informs my painting. When it comes to laying paint to canvas I like to allow previous layers to peak through to obtain a vibration in the pigment and an overall hum to the colours. As for the image I am searching for where the space between landscape ends and abstraction begins.